Next PRP

Next Level of PRP

Next PRP, the known platelet rich plasma kit / product offers a different, smart, effective, flexible option.

Next PRP Boxes are packaged individually or as 12.
Next PRP is cost effective.

Next PRP medical device has CE Class IIb certificate.

Flexible PRP Solutions

We do not limit physicians to a single protocol in their treatment options.

  • Next PRP does not contain gels or other barriers consisting of petrochemical foreign substances.
  • Next PRP offers an anticoagulant-free PRP protocol.
  • Next PRP offers physicians a treatment protocol that can be applied by adding an optional anticoagulant.
  • It is very easy to adjust the amount of PRP you will apply with the Next PRP Syringe. All PRP syringes are individually packaged.
  • It offers flexible alternatives in the treatment protocols to be created according to the physicians’ preference in PRP contents with or without Buffy Coat layer, with or without the presence of cell types such as WBC and / or RBC.
  • With Next PRP, if less amount but more concentrated concentration is desired, double centrifugation can be done.