Antfarma İlaç was established in 2014 and has been serving in the sector with its expert staff since then. It sells supplementary food and treatment support medical products.

Its service mentality, which has not changed since its establishment, is dynamic, exciting, creative, open to change and innovation. continues to work and grow with reliable steps.



Increasing innovative, value-added products that increase human health and quality of life with our stable, rational, principled, innovative, conscious, responsible approach;

Being preferred and recognized in the markets in which it operates;

Increasing sales areas with quality and reliable products, reaching more masses and thus facilitating and enriching the lives of our users.



We believe that a healthy, dynamic life and high quality of life are the right of everyone. Antfarma İlaç, our suppliers, business partners and employees are working together for this.



  • Maximum quality – reliable product
  • Maximum quality – reliable and honest service
  • Maximum patient / user / doctor / pharmacist / supplier satisfaction
  • Maximum employee satisfaction
  • Respect for labor and labor
  • Respect for human and environmental health
  • Scientific principles, supporter, entrepreneur
  • Support for social projects, participation, social awareness
  • Innovative, participatory, lean and transparent approach
  • Fair and fair treatment
  • Awareness Raising
  • A company understanding open to change and innovative suggestions
  • With goals, goal oriented